Juneteenth: The Overlooked Independence Day

I want to begin this article by saying that I was raised to be about as patriotic as it gets. I was born and bred in the “Bible belt” where we learned to say “thank you for your service” before … Continue reading

A Homage to the Heroes and Those Who Love Them

When you see the word hero, what do you think of? More specifically, who do you think of? A brave serviceman or woman fighting overseas, a local police officer or maybe even your mom or dad are probably some of the most common … Continue reading

Your Worth is Not Tied to a College Degree

With the semester coming to a close, final exams being administered, and graduation parties being planned all throughout the country; I think all of us non-graduates are sharing a collective sigh of self-pity. While I am absolutely ecstatic for my graduating counterparts … Continue reading